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Health Communication:

Story first, channel second.

We communicate promotional health information, for example in public health campaigns, in health education and between doctor and patient. Effective health communication must be tested and tailored to fit audience and situation. For example, western children need other triggers to wash their hands than refugees from Ethiopia.

The challenge is to find out these triggers and communicatie them to the right audience. GoViralGo finds out what triggers behavioural change in people and targets those triggers, by using the right story and channels. Health communication increases audience knowledge and awareness of health issues, influences behaviour and attitudes towards these issues. It also demonstrates healthy practices and brings arguments against misconceptions about health.

GoViralGo creates 25 short films, clips and other media on antibiotic resistance, infection control and general health. They add up to an innovation in health communication – using the viral power of seductive, individual facts. Channels are both online (Facebook, Instagram) and offline (bathroom media, TV screens). Part of this campaign (4Refugees) focuses on refugees and the items and materials in refugeecamps. These materials are adapted and used by third parties like the COA, GGD Netherlands and European refugee organisations.

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